Mike Dobeck
I am reading your book and must say, outstanding!
I have been teaching computer science for 22 years at Sierra College in northern California, and during that time I have read countless technical books. I can say that your book is the finest and most complete treatment of any book on any subject I have read.  
The only issue I have with the book is the cost of all the other books I have purchased after pursuing the reading suggestions at the end of each chapter :)
I would also like to add to your hall of shame for potentially deadly user interfaces — the dive computer. A dive computer keeps track of the nitrogen loading in a SCUBA divers tissues. This high-consequence device is designed to prevent divers from getting the bends.
I have yet to find a dive computer that is simple and easy to use. There are several documented cases of diver injury due to misunderstanding what the dive computer was telling the user to do.
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