Design Guild
... I found the first three chapters and part III in particular offered so many enlightening ideas that I have recommended the book to anyone who is active in the UI design field, be it building inter
Choice review
Thimbleby immediately draws the reader into the subject... This reviewer found the seven chapters in this section [Principles] absolutely gorgeous. They present the fundamental toolkit of interactive
Mike Dobeck
I am reading your book and must say, outstanding!
I have been teaching computer science for 22 years at Sierra College in northern California, and during that time I have read countless technical boo
Association of American Publishers Award
Press on was the winning book in the 2007 Computer and Information Sciences Category.
Judged to be both innovative and rigorous, this volume teaches a conceptual framework and programming techniques for interaction design, showing programmers how they can make creative contributions to
Terry Winograd
Interaction designers often espouse general principles for creating more usable and satisfying systems. This book shows that to make those principles work, the designer needs to conduct rigorous analy
Press on provides...