Press on describes many devices and how to analyze them.  You can now load and play with your own devices
You can also export your designs in many formats (Dot, GraphML, JSON, Mathe
JSON framework
Press on uses a lightweight framework for specifying interactive devices using JSON. You can read more about this very useful JavaScript object notation in wikipedia — or in Press on of course!
The p
Chinese postman
The Chinese postman is mentioned several times in Press on — but there’s no code given, because it is quite a big algorithm.
The calculator
The innovative calculator is briefly described towards the end of Press on. It has a very exciting user interface.
The calculator is covered fully on another web site.
Web site of a flashlight
A two state device: the flashlight can be on or off. So that takes two web pages, each with a photograph of the flashlight, either on or off.
It’s not very sophisticated — it’s the first example of
All of the code used in the book is written in JavaScript — which means you can run it in your browser.
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