Updated 22:31 February 28th 2023

Prof Harold Thimbleby …
Examples of research

Conventional design is often a mix of creativity and evaluation, missing out analytic thinking. This often results in nice-looking systems with problems for their users. Much of Harold’s work has been in working out methods to improve the early stages of design, particularly based on programming, maths or computer science.

Harold has developed many powerful and practical results based on fully working programs and mathematical methods — he is an excellent programmer.

Harold has worked in algorithms, artificial life, autostereograms, computer ethics, computer viruses, digital libraries, human-computer interaction, mobile computing, software engineering and the public understanding of science. Harold is particularly interested in research itself, particularly with the rapid expansion of computer science.

Older things

A hands-on gadget Harold made for explaining cryptography
Working Enigma machine
Harold made for explaining cryptography

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