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I am developing a new web site for 2024! This old site is just to say something to keep people happy while I work on the new one. Meanwhile, please have a look at our new booklet on patient safety and digital health.

Harold believes strongly that public understanding and awareness of technology and the science behind it is crucial for us to benefit from it to the full. He has been an ACM Distinguished Speaker.

He gives regular high-level talks on digital healthcare, for instance he gave one at the World Health Organization Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety

Harold was the keynote speaker at the “Next Generation Tour,” a research workshop that toured New Zealand Universities, inspiring undergraduates to take up research. He regularly runs conferences and workshops.

He has given over 80 conference keynotes and over 500 seminars and presentations (including at Cambridge, MIT, Oxford, Royal Institution, Stanford and the House of Lords) in 31 different countries.

Harold’s spoken at ten Edinburgh International Science Festivals, the British Association Annual science festival, Spoleto Festival, TECHFEST, Mumbai, Welsh Eisteddfods, and numerous Science Cafés, etc. Harold and Will Thimbleby exhibited an amazing new calculator at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition and at many other exhibitions.

Harold has written memorable advice for giving excellent presentations, which he calls Pirate Talks.

A selection of recent talks:

ACM distinguished lecture poster 1 ACM distinguished lecture poster 2

Here’s a selection of other recent talks and lectures:

See also Harold’s views on undergraduate teaching.

He has been widely interviewed and reported in the media. Harold gives numerous public lectures and school talks. He had the largest post-bag ever for a New Scientist feature article he wrote about video recorders.

Lecture at Royal Institution
Lecture at the Royal Institution
Getting to grips with maths using a Land Rover differential
— getting the next generation excited

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