Updated 22:31 February 28th 2023

Prof Harold Thimbleby …
Recent papers on healthcare, IT, and medical apps

With thanks to my many colleagues: Paul Cairns, Abigail Cauchi, Ross Koppel, Paul Lee, Alexis Lewis, Karen Li, Patrick Oladimeji, John Williams, Albert Wu, and others.

Recent controversies over pandemic modelling

About cybersecurity, including WannaCry

General overview

Human error

Mostly about apps

Mostly about numbers

Mostly about infusion pumps

Other topics

Bugs in a CareFusion infusion pump
On this infusion pump, the rate is simultaneously shown as 0.02 mL/h and in an error warning as minus 0.1 (it’s exsanguinating!). What does the log say, and who will be to blame for any harm?

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