Updated 17:20 December 31st 2023

Prof Harold Thimbleby …
Swansea & the Gower

I am developing a new web site for 2024! This old site is just to say something to keep people happy while I work on the new one. Meanwhile, please have a look at our new booklet on patient safety and digital health.

Swansea is right next to the sea, near to the Gower Peninsula, Britain’s first — and finest — area of outstanding natural beauty.

Three Cliffs bay Swansea beach, looking towards the city
Three Cliffs bay
5km from university
Swansea Bay, looking towards the city
100m from university
View of sea from my office
View of Swansea Bay from my office
Looking towards Mumbles and Devon
View of my office from my home
View of my office (the block in the middle)
from my home, on a snowy day
Rhossili bay
Rhossili bay

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