Updated 17:20 December 31st 2023

Prof Harold Thimbleby …

I am developing a new web site for 2024! This old site is just to say something to keep people happy while I work on the new one. Meanwhile, please have a look at our new booklet on patient safety and digital health.

Seven steps to success?

  1. Get the generic lecture notes for any module (PDF) — and print them off and use them!
  2. How to use the lecture notes — instructions for first-timer
  3. Write your coursework and hand it in (PDF) — advice to writers
  4. Read my book — if you’re doing a course that needs it
  5. Read other things, keep up to date, do things, and … start here!
  6. How to give great presentations (or what to think about during dull presentations)
  7. Some ideas for projects (though far better to talk to me)

If you are a lecturer or a student who wants to engage with their lecturer, please read Making teaching come alive

And if you want coursework resources for CSM19 (Interactive systems design), click here!

Harold's sculpture
Mobile phones pinned in a butterfly display case
© H Thimbleby, Tippingpoint, Berlin, 2008
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